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14 Blue, 14 Silver,
13 Blue, 13 Silver,
12 Blue

MVP continues to provide an environment for players to grow their skills and knowledge of the game thru great coaching. Another goal of  MVP is to maximize their exposure to College coaches by playing against the best competition in the country.  Our National Teams Play at the highest levels in the best National Tournaments in the country.  By playing in the Open/Premier divisions we maximize our exposure to the Division I coaches.  MVP’s high level coaches, combined with high level competition is the perfect way to develop collegiate athletes:

  • Season is November thru early April.

  • Great Practice Facility - OAW

  • Practice 2 days a week

  • 7 events and 9-10 Playdates.

  • Local Events to maximize competition Dates and Play.

  • Uniform Package includes 2 Sublimated Uniforms 1 Shorts, Backpack, Sweatshirt, Pants & 2 T-Shirts.

  • Multi-Sport Athletes are welcome.

Projected Tournament Schedule - 
Date               Event Name                                    Location
Dec 15           Badger Boys Series #1                    New Berlin, WI
Jan 6              Deer District Block Party               Franklin, WI
Jan 12            Badger 
Boys Series #2                    New Berlin, WI
Jan 19            Badger 
Boys Series #3                    New Berlin, WI
Feb 4             Lake Country Combo                       Franklin, WI
Mar 2-3         Dale Rhode                                      Madison, Wi
Mar 16-17      Badger Champs                               Milwaukee, WI
April 6           Cream City Challenge                      New Berlin, WI

Dates are likely to stay, Events may change based on availability.
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