club pricing

Motion Volleyball Program

Club Team Pricing

We believe in full disclosure when it comes to picking a club to play for.  MVP pricing is an all-inclusive price.  The fees attached are the total fees for the season. You will never be asked to pay more for uniforms, travel expenses or anything else.  


The pricing includes expenses like coach & player registrations, insurance, court rental, coaches travel expenses and pay, equipment, uniforms, advertising, website maintenance, tournament entry fees and other expenses necessary to run the club.

Please come to an informational meeting if you can before you make a decision on what club you want to play for.  Learn the facts of what is offered and what the added benefits your athlete will receive when playing for MVP.

We take checks, credit card payments, and Venmo for your convenience.  We have 4, 5 or 6 payment plans available based on the program you are playing in.  The first payment at the uniform fitting after teams have been formed.