Recruiting FAQ's

We feel EVERY player has the ability to play at the collegiate level. It takes hard work both ON the court and OFF the court. As a Club, we also work hard to provide YOU with extensive information and services to help you find your college home.


  • Since I play club volleyball, I will automatically be recruited

  • I'm not good enough to play in college

  • The club will handle the whole recruiting process for me

  • I received a piece of mail from a school, this means they are already recruiting me

  • The club I play for and the events we play don't matter in the recruiting process

  • Scholarships are automatically four-year commitments by both parties

FIT above
all else

  • What is important to you in a college?

  • Location, location, location - if you were not playing volleyball at this school, would you still attend?

  • What level of commitment and sacrifice is involved at the different levels (D1, D2, D3, NAIA)

  • What feels right to you?

  • How do you fit in with the coaches and current roster?

What colleges are looking for

  • Attitude and character - On AND off the court

  • Needs for certain positions and graduation years

  • Size, vertical, speed, court acumen, experience, heart, talent.

  • Players interest level in their program


  • Recruiting is an active process where you must sell yourself as an athlete

  • Initiate contact with schools

  • Reply to ALL requests, keep your options open

  • Attend college camps where there is mutual interest

  • Put together a recruiting profile

    • Measurements​

    • Short highlight video (3-5 mins.)

    • Raw/unedited game film

  • Expect to receive some 'No's', but do not let that discourage you!